Phoenix NowGen Giving Circle Grant Cycle - 2018

Posted by: NowGen Giving Circle - Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix

The NowGen Giving Circle of Greater Phoenix is looking for grants to support its philanthropic mission!

Amount: $2,500
Deadline: May 21, 2018


The NowGen Giving Circle out of Phoenix, Arizona is a group of Jewish Young Professionals in their 20’s and 30's who are committed to supporting philanthropic activities that further Jewish life and communities in the United States, Israel and abroad. As part of its mission, the NowGen Giving Circle provides personal contributions and partners with other local philanthropists to raise approximately $20,000 for non-profit organizations that impact Jewish lives. Agencies in the greater Phoenix area and organizations in Israel will receive primary consideration, but groups from all localities and geographic areas are encouraged to apply.

The NowGen Giving Circle is particularly interested in grants that can "pay it forward" and sustain themselves in the future. The two pillars in the NowGen Giving Circle's goal of giving are (1) sustainable impact and (2) scalable impact. We define "sustainable impact" as funding that will continue to have an impact in perpetuity. This includes programs that support learning (Jewish or otherwise) or an individual's connection with their community or Jewish-ness that will persist long after the program, event, or initiative seeking funding has ended. In addition, we define "scalable impact" as funding that will help an organization grow their cause or solution. By this we mean that we look to fund programs, events and initiatives where our funding will have a significant impact.

Grants will be divided among the best applicants that fulfill the mission of the NowGen Giving Circle. Amounts will be determined based on need and potential impact. We are excited and passionate about creative solutions that solve financial needs of the applicants. We are willing to listen to all financial requests of up to $20,000. The group urges applicants to request the minimum amount of money needed to make the largest impact possible.

Examples of programs and initiatives that have previously been awarded grants from prior cycles of the NowGen Giving Circle include:

  • A scholarship program that provides scholarships to first-time attendees of Jewish summer camps;
  • The creation of a local cooking series that teaches Tempe college students how to plan and host their first Shabbat dinner;
  • Sponsorship of low-income students to attend a program in Israel that teaches at-risk youth to gain computer skills, enter entrepreneurship competitions and create tech devices;
  • A loan opportunity that enabled a Jewish couple to conceive a child; and
  • A newly-created "prom" event that celebrates Jewish adults with special needs and their caretakers.

Please note that the NowGen Giving Circle will not grant funding that supports an organization's overhead or the cost of its staff.

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Custom Questions

Some grants require specific questions to be answered in order to make a decision. Every applicant will be required to answer the following questions in order to successfully complete the application process.

    1. In approximately 150 words, please explain how the funding you are seeking will have a "sustainable" and "scalable" impact on Jewish life and communities consistent with the NowGen Giving Circle's philanthropy goals, As a reminder, the NowGen Giving Circle will not fund an organization's overhead but rather is looking to fund programs, events, and initiatives (1) will continue to have an impact in perpetuity on individuals' Jewish-ness or their connection with their community; and (2) will have a significant impact on the organization's mission or solutions.

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