Natan Fund

CIRCLE | New York, NY

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CIRCLE | New York, NY

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Keren Baktana

CIRCLE | Tel Aviv

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Jewish Teen Funders Network

CIRCLE | New York, NY

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Amplifier's network comes alive through the stories of impact from each circle and organization

Roots & Branches

CIRCLE | Denver, CO

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Moishe House

ORGANIZATION | Liberty Island, NJ

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Challah for Hunger

ORGANIZATION | Philadelphia, PA

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ORGANIZATION | San Francisco, CA

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Leket Israel


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We are a network of changemakers

We connect giving circles with supportive host organizations and nonprofits doing great work across a range of locations and issue areas.


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Transforming the Experience of Giving

What makes Amplifier more than these figures and categories is the power of the giving circle experience. The grants themselves are great, but we believe real, lasting change will happen when more people transform how they give.

Research shows that, over time, giving circle members’ behaviors and attitudes evolve, and giving circle members:

  • give more: on average, giving circle members give more than donors who are not in giving circles
  • give more strategically: giving circle members are more likely to give to advance a vision for change, conduct research, support general operating expenses, check organizational performance data, and make multi-year gifts
  • are more engaged in their communities: giving circle members express more of a sense of civic responsibility and donate to a wider range of organizations

Statistics from: Angela Eikenberry and Jessica Bearman, "The Impact of Giving Together: a snapshot of a study on giving circles' influence on philanthropic & civic behaviors, knowledge & attitudes". Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers, 2009

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